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Are you ready to begin your journey to health?

Take the first step and book your free 15-minute consultation to help us get to know one another and determine if we are a good fit.

Services offered

Super Health Food

Our most popular service option, requires a 3 month minimum commitment for us to work together to create lasting health improvements.


Package includes:

  • Initial 2-hour consultation (see description below).

  • Five 45-minute sessions held every 2 weeks.

  • This plan is perfect for anyone that is looking to improve their overall health but don't know where to begin or individuals who are already working towards a particular goal set forth by their physician but need more guidance and support in achieving those goals.

Comprehensive Wellness Package

Image by Deniz Altindas

2-hour deep dive session, where we will review:

  • Your health history, symptoms checklist, and prior lab work to get an initial assessment of your health status.

  • Identify root causes and create a wellness plan to help you feel better.

  • Additional labs and follow up appointment may be recommended. 

  • Included in the comprehensive package.

  • This session is a good option for people who already have health goals in mind or are motivated to make changes. 

Initial Consultation

A 60-minute follow up appointment, where we will:

  • Cover more detail with the steps outlined for you in the initial consultation, as well as go over any new lab results provided.

  • This is perfect for people that do not want to make a long-term commitment but want to keep working on a single appointment basis as they see fit. 

Image by Jona Novak

Follow Up Consult

  • Six 45-minute sessions held every 2 weeks.

  • Can be purchased after an initial consultation or if a client would like to extend our work after a comprehensive package is completed.

Image by Jamie Street

Monthly Package

  • Two 45-minute sessions purchased in single month increments.

  • Perfect for clients that do not want to make long-term commitment.

3 Month Package

Revitalize Wellness Program

$10,500 paid in full

Revitalize Wellness Program

$10,500 paid in full

$3,000 deposit and $ 1,650/month for 5 month

All visits will be done virtually via phone or video chats.

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