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What Clients are saying...

When I started working with Helina, I was diagnosed pre-diabetic with A1C of 6.9 and I was little overweight. Helina supported me tirelessly providing all kinds of resources and advice to change my lifestyle - eating right and exercising regularly.  She also encouraged me to do some tests and based on the results she recommended supplements to support my body.  I followed all her recommendations and as a result, I lost 23 pounds and I have kept it off since. Best of all my A1C went down to 5.3 and I no longer need to take my diabetic medication. I owe everything to Helina, she has been a God sent angle to me. She has been with me at my lowest when I wasn’t doing good and she supported me through my success.  She has changed my life by installing good habits, I am so grateful for everything she has done for me!!




An otherwise physically active, proper weight and with a healthy diet, it was a mystery why my cholestrol was persistently high for decades.  The solution by the doctors is to take statin - for life. Helina did an in-depth study to find “Why”.  She analyzed extensive amount of data from blood, urine, stool, genetic profile and identified key inflammation markers that were off. Fast-forward a year later, she has helped me reduce the inflammation by 40% with significant reduction in cholesterol level. Nothing is more important than your health - and I am very appreciative of the focused investigation and resulting outcome. Thank you!



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