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Revitalize Wellness Program

This is a 6-month, comprehensive, high-touch 1-on-1 support that includes 6 functional lab testings, an individualized customized protocol and bi-weekly coaching sessions.

Functional Lab Review

Have you gone to your doctor with various symptoms but were told that everything is Ok because all of your labs came back with in the normal range? This is all too common and happens way too often. 

If this is you and you want a different perspective, schedule a 60 minute functional lab review. During this visit: 

  • We will take a deep dive into your health history and symptoms

  • I will do a comprehensive review of your recent bloodwork from a functional medicine perspective 

  • You will get a comprehensive functional health report

  • You will get clarity on what’s going on in your unique body 

  • You will get an action plan for next steps 

Image by Jona Novak
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