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Favorite Things

Below you will find some of the things I love and use myself in my daily life. 

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Berkey Filters

Through my personal wellness journey I dived deep into all the things we are putting into our bodies from the foods we eat, to the water we drink, to the personal care products we are using on a daily basis. This got me to change a lot of things and one of those things were ensuring that my family consumed clean filtered water. After trying a water delivery service for a few years, I came across the Berkey water filter and we invested in one. I love that I don't have to keep purchasing water, which adds up, and all I have to do is just fill my Berkey with tap water and it removes 99.999% of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. It also removes bad minerals while keeping the good minerals. And the filters last a long time.

Oura Ring

I love my Oura Ring.  It is sleek, stylish, light weight and has sensors that measure a wide range of body metrics associated with fitness, sleep, and readiness for physical activities. Each morning, you’ll receive a score based on how well you slept the previous night. The ring calculates this score based on how much time you spend in each of the four stages of your sleep cycle, along with heart rate and heart rate variability, core temperature, and other body metrics that change during sleep. 


Grounding Sheets

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Organic Coffee & Tea Infused With Organic Mushroom

If you are a coffee or tea drinker, this is a great way to enjoy your cup of coffee or tea and also get the benefits of a rare and delicate spores of the organic Ganoderma mushroom (also known as Reishi mushroom). Ganoderma mushrooms are packed full of nutrients and antioxidants. The benefits of Reishi mushrooms include more energy, less brain fog, clear skin, optimized digestion, and an immune system boost.  

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Heart Math

If you are not a coffee drinker but would like koto get 

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