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Revitalize Wellness Program

This is a 6-month high-touch wellness program that gives you 1-on-1 support to optimize your health in a completely customized way.  


We take your health history into account and use functional lab testing to take a deeper dive into your health - looking in detail at the current state of your body through gut, metabolism, hormones, immune system, genetics and more. 

Image by Dane Wetton

What's Included:

  • 90-minute Initial Health Consult

  • 6 Functional lab testing ($3,000 value)

    • Comprehensive Functional Blood & Urine Panel - blood draw

    • Gut health evaluation with stool analysis - GI MAP w/ Zonulin

    • Food sensitivity testing - MRT - blood draw

    • Comprehensive hormone panel - DUTCH PLUS - urine and saliva test

    • Organic Acids test - Organix Comprehensive Profile- urine test 

    • Functional Genomics -DNA 360- saliva test

  • Bi-weekly Health Coaching Sessions (11 in total)

  • Individualized plan of care tailored to your unique body

  • Unlimited text/voice messaging with the Wellnessprout team

  • Supplement recommendations based on lab and lifestyle data

  • Access to quality supplements at discounted pricing

Are you ready to revitalize your health?

Take the first step and book your free 30-minute interest consultation to help us get to know one another and determine if we are a good fit.

All visits will be done virtually via video chats.

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